May 21, 2018

For those of you who are thinking that the children are at home and constantly demand some entertainment from you, do not worry as we have all types of suggestions and tips that will help you keep your child busy & entertained.

  1. Board games

The classic board games are best in summers. Its too hot to step outside so children prefer sitting at home and playing ludo, snake & ladder, scrabble, chess, carom and many other board games. Check out more options here: Board Games Options 1 Board Games Options 2 


  1. Summer Camps

There are multiple summer camps in all localities. Play schools and institutes offer various activities that make the children learn, enjoy, and remain engaged.


  1. Art & Craft

A well rounded child is one who has learns everything. Parents can mix learning with fun by involving kids in art and craft activities. Painting on canvas, on cloth with various forms of colors like crayons, watercolor, oil paints etc. really helps a child express his creativity and learn. 


  1. Video Games

Children love video games. Although too much of video games if bad for eye sight, especially if the child doesn’t blink his eyes to concentrate on the game but some amount of video games is ok. Complex video games that have fast game play build intelligence and quick decision making ability.


  1. Visit the malls

These days malls are frequented by a lot of people because of their closed arena having good climate control giving a great respite from the hot weather. Many malls have built kids zones that offer mini bungee jumping, balls pool, mystery house, swings, and even rides and gaming parlours.


  1. Ice Skating

In 2017 there are many indoor ice skating arenas that have sprung up in Indian cities. The view of ice itself is very refreshing in this weather. In Delhi NCR, Noida and Gurgaon host such ice skating arenas and are a hit among the crowd.


  1. Outdoor swimming Pool at Home

There are cheap options available to buy inflatable swimming pool. These are great for kids to enjoy in this weather. Make sure that the kids do not remain outside for long durations during peak afternoon otherwise they might fall ill.


  1. Water Parks

There are enough water amusement parks these days that are not that far away from home. Lazy pool, water rides, and water waves are sure to make you and your whole family enjoy to the max. Make sure to carry changing clothes and lot of gel-based sunscreen.


  1. Visit to the Organic farms & Nursery


When schools are open its difficult to take out time for small excursion trips such as visiting to organic farms where kids can learn horticulture. Gardening and knowledge about plants help kids in later studies as well as understand the health benefits of vegetables and fruits. Kids will love it.


  1. Hobby Classes

    Its important to identify where your child's interest lies. It can be music, be it singing or playing an instrument; it can be dancing; either classical, bollywood, hip hop, salsa or freestyle; it can even be learning a new language. Ask your kid what he or she likes and enroll them in a hobby class. You never know, that hobby might turn out to be future career for your kid. 

  2. Morning & Evening Sports

With all schools closed, one can see many groups of children in the fields and parks playing cricket, football and multiple sports. There are plenty of coaching classes as well. Mornings are the best time for kids to play sports, become better at it as extra-curriculars are really important in schools these days and offers a great career option as well for the future. 


  1. Water Fun
    On a lighter note, the best fun that kids have is at home with water. Enjoy this video :

Kids Summer Fun - Home Water Slide from BookMyCostume Dress Fancy on Vimeo.


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