Fancy Dresses for Girls

If you are searching for stylish Fancy Dresses for your little princess, then look no further. BookMyCostume has a large range of Girls Fancy dresses. These costumes will make your girl look super cute and beautiful for special school event or birthday party. BookMyCostume’s collection has some of the best little girls dresses and what makes them the best, their bright colors, the attractive designs, and the most relevant and complete variety that will easily be a Show stopper. From their Fancy Dress Competitions to Halloween costumes to Birthday themes, all are available here.

At BookMyCostume we understand your concern to make your little princess wear something unique and comfortable & we make sure that all your requirements are fulfilled. It doesn’t matter what the event is, there will always be several options to choose from, either theme-specific or not you’ll always find something suitable for your little princess. Fairy tale characters to World Costumes almost every category is dominated by Girls Fancy Dresses. If you’re throwing a casual birthday party for your little one at home, there are theme-specific costumes that would surely bring a smile on your princess’s face. Read on to get some ideas on what to plan for your little one’s birthday party.

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Our Costume Guru suggests some Handpicked Characters which you will surely love:

I.   Cartoons:

     ·  Wonder Woman Costume world’s first and foremost female Super Hero.

     ·  SuperGirl Costume a female counterpart to Superman, dressing in this your princess will surely feel powerful.

     ·  Minnie Mouse Dress a funny adorable animal cartoon character.

     ·  Winnie the Pooh Costume a cute Costume which will help your liitle one stand out.

     ·  Daisy Duck Costume an anthropomorphic & most lovable Disney character.

     ·  Peppa Pig a lovely Cartoon character with Pink Jumpsuit will look adorable on your little princess.

    ·  Pikachu Costume  one of the most lovable and cute Pokemon.


II.   Animals & Birds 

      ·  Yellow Bird with Multicolor Wings

      ·  Star Fish Costume

      ·  Honey Bee Costume

      ·  Duck Costume

      ·  Dolphin Costume

      ·  Rabbit Costume

      ·  Parrot  Costume



III.   Professionals & Helpers:

       ·  Airline Air Hostess Dress

       ·  Judge Barrister Costume

       ·  Air Force Defense Pilot Dress

       ·  Chef Costume

       ·  Teacher Costume

       ·  Astronaut Costume

       ·  Nurse Costume


IV.   Fairy Tale & International: 

       ·  Little Mermaid Costume  

       ·  Egyptian Queen of Nile Cleopatra Costume

       ·  Princess Sofia

       ·  Princess Tiana

       ·  Snow White

       ·  Queen Elsa

       ·  Princess Anna

       ·  Princess Aurora

       ·  Japanese Kimono



V.   States

      ·  Giddha Punjabi suit

      ·  Kashmiri Dress

      ·  Bengali Saree

      ·  Gujarati Dress Dandiya Dress

      ·  Rajasthani Dress

      ·  Goa Dress

      ·  Haryana State Traditional Dress



VI.   Dances:

       ·  Belly Dance

       ·  Pink Balloon Western Dance Costumes

       ·  Mohiniyattam

       ·  Kathak Dance costume

       ·  White Balloon Western Dance Dresses

       ·  Bharatnatyam

       ·  Western Dance Golden & Green Costume


VII.   National Leaders, Patriotism & Historical Figures:

        ·  Rani Laxmi Bai

        ·  Mother Teressa

        ·  Mother India

        ·  Indira Gandhi

        ·  Sarojini Naidu

        ·  Tri Colored Sari

        ·  Tri Colored Frock


VIII.   Gods & Mythology

         ·  Rani Sita Costume

         ·  Mirabai Costume 

         ·  Vanwasi Sita Costume 

         ·  Indian Rani Costume

         ·  Kali Mata Costume

         ·  Radha Costume

         ·  Devaki Costume


IX.   Fruits, Flowers & Vegetables:

       ·  Christmas Tree Dress

       ·  Green Pea Costume

       ·  Red Flower Costume

       ·  Pumpki Costume

       ·  Strawberry Costume

       ·  Pineapple Costume

       ·  Mango Costume

       ·  Watermelon Costume

       ·  Red Chilli Costume