Boys Fancy Dress


Now a days there are a lot of events whether it be birthday parties, school functions and many more that almost every time have a different theme. Due to this, each time your boy is to be dressed in a different fancy dress costume exhibiting a certain character or theme. Even boys love to dress in different kinds of dresses  like Cartoons and Superheroes or fruits and vegetables. But every time finding a perfect and creative fancy dress either to buy or to rent is a pretty difficult task. Getting your hands on cute fancy dresses for your boy and matching accessories  is never so easy, So we at BookMyCostume are here to help you out.


If you are looking for Boys Fancy Dress, the most favorite theme is dressing him as a Superhero. Boys love Captain America who leads the team of Avengers, or the cool Irn Man in his Iron Suit that talks to him, or the friendly neighborhood Spiderman, and many more. There are options galore.


Further, best ideas for small boys fancy dress also include cartoon characters. Boys love Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, Pooh the bear, Donald Duck, Tom, Jerry, Chota Bheem and many more.


 1).       Cartoons & Superheroes:

             Superman Costume

             Spiderman Costume

             Thor Costume

             Captain America Costume

             Krrish Dress


             Mickey Mouse Dress

             Pikachu Costume


2).         Animals & Birds:

             Sparrow Costume

             Tiger Bagh Costume

             Monkey Costume

             Horse Costume

             Chicken Dress

             Grasshopper Dress

             Penguin Costume

             Rhino Costume


3).        Professionals & Helpers:

            Lawyer Dress

            Indian Navy Dress

            Airline Pilot Dress

            Indian Para Military Dress

            Judge Barrister Costume

            Doctor Costume

            Indian Army Dress


4).       Fairy Tale & International Characters:

           Aladdin Costume

           Chinese Dragon Mask

           Fairytale Prince Charming Costume

           American Cowboy Costume

           Egyptian King TutanKhamun Dress

           Arabian Boy Costume

           Japanese Boy Costume


5).     States & Dances:

          Punjabi Bhangra Dress

          Goa Boy Dress

          Gujarati Dress

          Western Dance Costume

          Arabian Boys Western Dance Costume

          Indian Eastern Costume

          Arabian Boys Belly dance Costume

          Rajasthani Boy Costume



6).      Fruits & Flowers:

          Apple Fancy Dress

          Red Flower Fancy Dress

          Green Peas Fancy Dress

          Green & Brown Tree Costume

          Pear Fancy Dress

          Carrot Costume

          Pomegranate Fancy Dress

          Spinach Dress


7).     National Leaders & History:

         Tipu Sultan Costume

         Jalaluddin Akbar Costume 

         Birbal Costume

         Narendra Modi Costume

         Subhash Chandra Bose Costume

         Bhagat Singh Costume

         Mahatama Gandhi Costume

         Swami Vivekananda Costume


8).    Gods & Mythological Characters:

         Shri Ganesha Dress

         Raavan Sita Haran Costume

         Shri Krishna Dress

         Lord Shiva Costume

         Lord Hanuman Costume

         Shri Ram Costume

         Ravana Lankesh Costume

         Meghnath Costume


9).    Famous/Miscellaneous Characters:

        Baahubali Costume

        Charlie Chaplin Costume

        Joker Dress

        Indian Cricketer Dress

        Santa Claus Costume

        Human Robot Costume

        Black Pant and White Shirt Combo