May 26, 2020

Coronavirus has impacted all our daily lives in a big way. Countries and trade centers have worn a deserted look due to the lockdown and people have slowly grown restless due to staying indoors. Rather than the virus reducing, it has infact grown in one country after the other scaring people with no end in sight.

Such times call for extraordinary protection for our kids. BookMyCostume has come up with unique children protective masks. They are specially made for kids with 3D printing of Disney and cartoon characters that are kids favorites, fit in sizing, double ply masks help in breathability for children, and the fabrics used for inner layer and outer layer ensure no irritation yet beautiful and vibrant prints.

 However parents know that it is still a challenge to make their children wear these masks. Smaller children don’t like anything touching their skin and obstructing their view, nose, or mouth. Following are useful tips to help your kids get used to wearing masks:

  • Playing Games – Children love games and what better than role play by making them wear a Doctor costume or Nurse costume with stethoscope and the mask on. It will make them look like a cool medical attendant taking care of their parents, siblings. You will realize that most kids love to take responsibility.
  • Everyday Items – Wear masks yourself inside the house at least sometimes so that children watch you wearing the masks. Also leave them around so that they get used to it. Remember the initial times when you started wearing the masks, it used to be difficult. So make your children
  • Let them select – Children have their favorite characters and choice. Make them select the available face masks from the options. This will make them honor their choice and wear it.

All these measures are sure going to help your child be safe in COVID 19 times and you would be able to even take your kids out sometimes to play, shop, and have fun.