May 21, 2018

Small anecdote

I was just recently sitting with a friend of mine. She is a mom of a 4 year old daughter and was looking quite worried. I asked her what happened. She exclaimed “Fancy dress! Where do I find a good one?” I could immediately understand her situation as I had been in the same boat the previous year when my daughter had needed fancy dresses. She continued “I have visited so many shops in nearby areas and have found no useful dress. Either the costume look is not up to the mark or the dress quality is unsatisfactory”.

I immediately took out my tablet from my purse and opened a website. It was the popular online store BookMyCostume. This was the same web store from where I had purchased my costumes last year and had been very satisfied. My friend’s eyes lit up looking at the impressive BookMyCostume website. She asked me to show Rajasthani Traditional dresses for boys and girls. Looking at the pictures, she snatched the tablet from me and started browsing. The next costume category was animal costumes. After spending 10 minutes on the website, she was ecstatic. Immediately, she grabbed her phone and called their customer care. Enquiring about the buying and renting process, she confirmed how she could hire the animal costumes. She hung up and placed the order online. She had ended up buying the traditional dresses as she said she could use it after the function on Diwali and hired the Penguin costume from the animal costumes category as it was required for one-time use for the school fancy dress competition.

She looked at me and hugged me “You are a savior! Why didn’t you share such a nice fancy dress store in the friends’ whatsapp group?” Yes it fell upon me, why hadn’t I shared it earlier. I told her “I don’t know I forgot somehow but its never too late, let me share about it now”.

It was a very satisfying day. I had helped my friend from the worries of finding her child’s school annual day dress and possibly some more moms would end up silently thanking me for the information shared on the social media.

(Contributed by a mom - customer of BookMyCostume)