Traffic Light Kids Fancy Dress Costume

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Product Specifications:

Costume Contents:

-          One black jumpsuit

-          Traffic Light dress with hood 


About the Costume/Character:

“Okay. Let’s play a little game.

I have three colours, Red, Yellow and Green

Red is for Stop,

Green is for you,

With this who am I?

Do you know?!

Let me give you one more hint:

Yellow means: Be Ready,

Does that solve it?

Yes, that Is right.

I am a Traffic Light! ? “ 

They are integral to the smooth running of traffic. Traffic lights are indispensable to us. We absolutely need this commodity. Without a traffic light to guide us, we would completely be lost.

There would be chaos! Let us for a moment imagine, the absolute destruction the lack of traffic lights would cause us. Fortunately, there exist traffic lights on every corner of the road. And you can let your child be this shining beacon that guides others on their way. The absolute authority, that everyone has to obey. You little tot will simply have a blast and also feel the importance of his costume, in this traffic light costume.


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Size: Please check size chart for measurements of each size and select as per growth and build of your child.


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